Brain Salon Reviews

Here are my Brain Salon reviews based on my personal experience. Does this Brainwave Entrainment program really work as what it promised?

Brain Salon Reviews

Brain Salon Reviews

Brain Salon Brainwave Entrainment Series is produced by Inspire3, the same company which in 2006 launched the other very well received brain wave entrainment program called “Brain Evolution System” using the binaural beats.

I have been using the Brain Evolution System since end Year 2007.  After just 2 and a half week of using Brain Evolution System, I felt much more relaxed, even during the most stressed-out periods of my life (my wife was down with cancer – Click here to read my personal review on Brain Evolution System).

My thinking speed definitely increased, it certainly helped boost my focus even further. Creative spurts increased. My reading speed rocketed. I also found myself soaking up information more rapidly than before when I did my research on the Internet on cancer treatment for my wife. At the end of the 6-months program, I had a new brain.  :-)

And also, I began living with just five hours of sleep daily as I needed to take care of my wife and all the house chore, surprisingly, I was feeling ok, not drained.

In conclusion, Brain Evolution System had helped sharpen my mind, reduced my stress levels, and increased my energy level.

So when Inspire3 Ltd launched this new product “Brain Salon” recently, I got hold of it immediately.

Welcome To Brain Salon

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And here is my personal Brian Salon Reviews:

Similar to Brain Evolution System, Brain Salon is a 6 Brainwave Entrainment Sessions in audio CD format. And similarly, each session requires 30 minutes of listening.

The 6 Brain Salon sessions are:-

1. Power Chill  

 When to Use: Whenever you need a break from a stressful situation, whenever you get home from work, whenever you just want to really recharge those batteries

2. Creative Spark

 When to Use: Whenever you need a little inspiration, whenever you want to find that impossible solution, whenever you’d like to see your mind think like a genius

3. Ultra Deep Sleep

 When to Use: Whenever you just need a really great night’s sleep

4. High Energy Espresso

 When to Use: Whenever you want to speed up your thinking, whenever you need that physical and mental edge, whenever you need to sharpen your presence

5. Happy Pill

 When to Use: Whenever you want to cheer up before a night out, whenever you want to release stress and problems, whenever you want to really boost your happiness levels

6. Razor Sharp

When to Use: Whenever you want to put your mind into super focus mode, whenever you have intense chunks of work to complete quickly, whenever you need to sharpen your mind and get on with the job

Does Brain Salon Deliver What It Promised?

Let’s find out.

I. Happy Pill

If you have read my reviews for Brain Evolution System, you would know that I lost my lovely wife to cancer in 2010. Though it is now more than a year since she left, there were many times I thought of her and slipped into terrible sadness. So one morning when this sadness attack came, I put on the headphone and played the Happy Pill CD.

It started off very quietly and it quieted my mind. After about 10 minutes, I felt this sense of peace filled my mind. And slowly there is this sense of joy rose up within me in the next 10 minutes. I was totally being absorbed into this joy until the CD stopped playing.

This Happy Pill CD changed my state of mind from deep sadness to happiness in 30 minutes. When I opened my eye, everything I saw look so bright and colorful, I just felt so happy, it is not that kind of happiness that would make one jump and shout but a very peaceful kind of joy.

II. Creative Spark

I do provide web design as a freelancer, so creativity to me is important. So I decided to try out this Creative Spark CD one day when I was about to start a new web design project.

Before I start doing any brainstorming for this new web design, I put on the headphone and played the Creative Spark CD.

Personally I found that this recording is even quieter than the Happy Pill but this very ‘low’ sound could turn into a very ‘high’ sound all of the sudden and back to the ‘low’ sound again. I just felt that the sound kept knocking my brain, shaking my nerves and trying to expand my mind. I felt like I was taking a roller coaster ride. :-)

After the CD stopped playing, I would not say that I had become super-creative, I would say that my mind became very active and all sort of new ideas kept floating up though not too sure whether they were great ideas or not. I will leave that to my clients to judge. In conclusion I would say that the Creative Spark CD is a good brain stimulator.

III. High Energy Espresso

This recording consists of the sound of running water which was not what I expected. I was expecting some kind of wave sound recording.

I listened to this CD at the end of the afternoon when I was feeling rather tired after a hard day work. Just before I head off to the gym for some workout, I listened to this High Energy Espresso CD. Oh my, I almost fell asleep. The sound of the running water was so soothing. But interestingly when the CD stopped, I felt rather awake.

I would not say I became charged-up and super-energetic but I felt that there was this drive within me pushing me to go forward. Yes, it is the “Go Go Go” feeling. When I was working out in the gym after that, I was working faster and with higher concentration with each set. Wonderful!

Hm, this CD definitely goes well with the energy bar. :-)

VI. Power Chill

I put on this CD after I came back from my workout. About 10 minutes into the playing, I felt total relaxation. I felt like I was floating in the air with no weight. Everything including my body and my mind seem to be so light. After the 30 minutes session, I was feeling totally refreshed and alert. My mind became crystal clear, and body became so light that I felt like flying.

I think Power Chill is a good Stress Buster.

V. Razor Focus

I tested this out when I needed to complete a particular task (which I estimated I would require at least 1.5 hour completing it) within a short 1 hour timeframe. Again I used the headphone to listen to this track when I started working on my task and I set it to repeat play mode

The recording is very calming and relaxing. It shut off all distraction from my mind and led me into the ‘zone’. I felt like I, the surrounding and my work had become one. My mind, my body and my hands (typing on the computer) worked together in harmony. My mind was thinking so fast and I felt like I was flying.

And I finished that piece of task within one hour as I desired. Bravo. The best part was after that I did not feel drained. I was still feeling fresh and energetic and joyful.

VI. Ultra Deep Sleep

In the Brain Evolution System reviews I shared that after going through the BrainEV program, I have cut down my sleeping time to 5 hours a day. Oh, I must say that I do need a 30 minutes power nap every afternoon.

I did not have much problem falling asleep after using the Brain Evolution System but that changed after my wife passed away last January after battling with cancer for 2 years. My mind remained active throughout the night, there were just so many thoughts running across my mind the whole night and there were nights when I woke up 5 to 6 times, and obviously, I felt very tired the following day and my concentration dropped tremendous and thus my work performance and productivity were badly affected.

Click Here To Read About My Struggle with My Sleeping Problem

Fortunately, Brain Salon’s Ultra Deep Sleep came to my rescue.

The booklet that came with the CD jokingly claimed that “you’ll probably never hear the end of this session.” It was so very true, I did not hear the end nowadays after I started using this CD. :-)

The recording is truly very relaxing, and I fell asleep not long after turning on the CD player each night. My sleep is so deep that when I wake up 5 hours later, I feel so fresh and I can not even recall what happen after I fell asleep. I could not remember any sound or any dream or any thought in my mind which I used to experience during sleep.

I was totally relax in my sleep and absorbed into the deep sleep and darkness. I am feeling more energetic after each night sleep now. What a fantastic sleeping experience!

To me, this Ultra Deep Sleep CD is the most important, effective  and beneficial CD among the rest of the CDs, it helped to solve a  very painful and seemingly unsolvable problem. Phew, I am truly glad that I have found this Brain Salon CD series.

This Is How I Integrate Brain Salon CD Series Into My daily Life

So now, after a hard day work, I just need to listen to “Power Chill” and I feel relaxed; when I need some creative juice, I pop in the “Creative Spark” CD; when I need a productive hour of work, I use the “Razor Sharp” CD; before I go for my workout, I listen to the “High Energy Espresso”; when I am feeling down, I simply turn on the “Happy Pill”; when I want to get to a deep sleep faster when my mind is still very active, I play the “Ultra Deep Sleep” CD.

The above was my experience with Brain Salon System.

Bryan’s Personal Experience with Brain Salon

I have a good friend Brian who works with a MNC and travls quite often. We called him the High Flyer. :-)

I introduced him to the Brain Evolution System a couple of years back and it has transformed his life. You can read about his story HERE. He loves the Brain Ev System so much that when the same company Inspire3 released the Brain Salon System, he bought it immediately.

Without further ado, let’s hear what Brian has to say about his experience with the Brain Salon System.

What Other Users Are Saying About Brain Salon

“Brain Salon is a powerful brainwave entrainment program that produces altered states of consciousness upon command. Whether you want to sharpen your focus, enter a happy state, gain energy, chill out, or enter a blissfully relaxed sleep state, this amazing brain entrainment program can do it all. I love it!”

 Dr. Joe Rubino's Testimonial on Brain Salon

“I have used other brainwave programs, but found Brain Salon to be the most enjoyable. You don’t need to understand the science behind how it works or why – just know that it does! Strongly recommended. How else can you get to change your thoughts and emotions at the flick of a switch?”

Bhav Bhojani's Testimonial on Brain Salon

“For two nights, I decided to use the ‘Brain Salon Deep Sleep’ audio and it was sooo good! I fell asleep within seconds and felt refreshed upon waking the next few mornings. I recommended it to my father who has had trouble sleeping lately due to pain in his hands. He reported to the today that it helped him to not only fall asleep quicker but added an extra hour and a half of deep restful sleep – he loved it :)”

Paul Jenkin's Testimonial on Brain Salon

Benefits of Brain Salon Brainwave Entrainment CD Series

I. Happy Pill

You will find yourself reveling in the beauty of life, letting go of all problems and stress – and just generally being a brighter, better, happier, more fun self!

II. Creative Spark

You’ll return from listening brimming with ideas, thoughts, concepts, and solutions – with fresh mental connections you never before considered.

III. High Energy Espresso

It gives you the awakening buzz and general pick-me-up feeling this session gives – the perfect antidote to a lethargic mind. It’s morning caffeine in audio format!

IV. Power Chill

You’ll return from the session feeling incredibly tranquil, recharged and grounded – with a big improvement in your mood, too!

V. Razor Focus

It instantly switches your mind to laser-sharp focus mode – and get on with the task at hand with absolute speed and clarity!

VI. Ultra Deep Sleep

It gently sends you into a deep, reinvigorating slumber.

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So what is the difference between Brain Salon and Brain Evolution System?

Brain Salon CD can be used as and when a certain need is required where Brain Evolution System is an overall program which we must progress in the correct order/sequence. That means we can only proceed to level 2 after completing level 1, to level 3 after completing level 2. After completed the full 6-months program, then we can switch between levels as and when we like. Reason being, each higher level provides a higher challenge to our brain than the previous level.

On the other hand, Brain Salon CD can be listened to without using the headphone, of course with the headphone, the effect will be more powerful, where Bran Evolution System, we must put on the headphone. To me, that is a great time saver. For example, before I go for my workout, I can play the “High Energy Espresso” CD when packing my bag with my running shoes, tower etc. I need not to sit still just to spend 30 minutes listing to the CD. That also means portability, ie. I can still move around with no headphone wire attached.

So does it mean Brain Salon is better than Brain Evolution System? I would say that Brain Salon program complements Brain Evolution System. Brain Salon is situational where Brain Evolution System is an overall development program for the brain.

Anyway, it is good to start off with Bran Salon program (it is 50% cheaper in price anyway). If and when you find it effective and your enjoy it (I am sure you certainly will), move on to Brain Evolution System. And you will be amazed how these 2 programs can super-charge your brain power and change your state of mind within 30 minutes.

Brain Salon Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information

Subliminal messages:

Personally I am very concern about subliminal messages embedded in some of  the Branwave Entrainment CD selling in the market.  I do not want my mind to be manipulated by some message that I am not aware of. I am glad to know that Inspire3 Ltd has confirmed that The Brain Salon does NOT contain any subliminal messages.

==> Click to read more FAQ on Brain Salon

Summary of my Brain Salon Reviews


1. Work according to what it promised;

2. Headphone is not needed, ie. portable;  Though I must say with the headphone the effect is greater;

3. Cheaper than Brain Evolution System (50% saving);

4. Catered for each major state of mind, ie. not needed to complete all the 6 sessions.

5. Require 30 minutes to listen to each session which is less than other Brainwave Entrainment programs I have tried before. I personally find that 30 minutes is a reasonable length to experience the effect.


1.  Brain Salon is not like Brain Evolution System which is a complete Brainwave Entrainment program.

2. The 6 lessons are packed in 3 audio CDs. I personally prefer 6 lessons recorded in 6 CDs individually like how Brain Evolution System packaged its 6 lessons (in 6 separate CDs)

  Rating:  9.5 / 10

With my sharing above, I conclude my Brain Salon reviews.  

>>> Go Click Here to try out the Brain Salon <<< Because I sincerely want you to be blessed with all the good changes that this series of Brainwave Entrainment CD that can bring into your life.


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